This is Unreal, I’m Blogging Again

Wait: Who are you again?

I’m Michael Brendan Dougherty. But people call me “MBD” to cut down on syllabic exhaustion. You can read about me on the bio page. Basically I write about political ideas, culture – that sort of thing. Normally I do it for money. But since you don’t have to pay to read this website, I’ll occasionally write about literature, theology, and maybe even movies. I expect there will be more fake Q and A’s.

What’s with the middle name? I want to say your name in a brogue.

Well, I was trying to be polite and distinguish myself from this, Michael B. Dougherty who writes about being awesome, and that Mike Dougherty who wrote Superman. Sometimes a publicist would call me up thinking I was the Michael B. Dougherty and say “Did you get the tickets to our bar opening at the Borgata?” And I’d say “No, you should send them to this address.”

You can say my name in a brogue.

And the title?

It’s Unreal. Actually, it’s “The Unreal.” The blog I used to write had a distracting name. I don’t want the name to be a big deal.

Why Posterous? Tumblr is cooler.

I respectfully disagree. I like that Posterous allows me to use e-mail to post.  I’m expecting there will be times when it will be difficult to load a huge “back end” service, but I will still have the ability to e-mail

Why WordPress? X is cooler

Well, I wanted to track my stats with Mint, by Shaunn Inman – a very nifty program.  Posterous is cool and I will use it for a personal photo blog soon. Apparently I can post by e-mail to WordPress anyway. There may be some more tweaking in the near future.

No comments, huh?

Right. They boost traffic and make people feel they are part of a community. A community of tiresome morons and hecklers . If you want to read comments go to Will Wilkinson’s site where they are pretty good. But my thinking goes like this: if you have something really awesome to say in response, you will write me an e-mail or compose a blog post. (edit: I’m working on removing comments)

But who are you, if I can ask a question?

I can’t say.

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