The Magnificent Butcher

Matthew Battles, a founder of, has one of the best and shortest pieces of fiction I’ve ever read. Seriously. A taste:

The second season of “The Magnificent Butcher” opened on the Fire! network three months ago with critics predicting that ratings would slide like giblets torn from a free-range hen. The trouble had less to do with the series’ blend of how-to cooking and high-stakes culinary stunts than the vicissitudes of the show’s host, Antoine Belloc. Rumors of a rash of personal problems—including a stint in rehab and an outstanding warrant in Belize stemming from a vicious bonesaw fight aboard Richard Branson’s yacht—had watchers wondering whether the tattooed, knife-scarred celebrity chef would return. But return Belloc did, with a vengeful, almost messianic zeal.

We need more of this kind of fiction on the internet. Now.

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