The GOP Platform is an Article of Faith

My cover-story in The American Conservative is now online. Basically my thesis is this:

The religious right is more convinced of American righteousness in the exercise of its military might than the neoconservatives are, and more invested than Wall Street in lower taxes.

Many on my particular ante-chamber on the right have posited that neoconservatives have brainwashed an unwilling movement into believing in the greatness of America’s world mission. This might be a comforting myth. If my fellow small-America types on the right were just trying to do what the neoconservatives do, that would be easy. You just publish a magazine or two, hold some small conferences, and get on television. We’re close to doing that now.

On the other side, it has been fascinating to watch so many Evangelicals swallow “American Exceptionalism” as a near-doctrine of their faith.

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