Radical Radio

My latest profile is online now. In this one I get to know Mike Church, a.k.a. The King Dude on Sirius radio.

Mike Church is the King Dude behind the microphone. A 20-year veteran of radio-gabbing, he describes himself as a recovering “neocon” and red-team true believer. His daily show on Sirius XM radio was once a fresher, more entertaining echo of the form pioneered by Rush Limbaugh and taken up by Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. But now if one had to describe the Mike Church Show, you might say it’s a bit like listening to George Mason, if the revolutionary Virginia patriot were a pop-culture savant given to stream-of-consciousness impersonations and jonesing hard for a second American revolution.

Church isn’t satisfied with repeating timid suggestions for a policy change here and a tax-rebate there. “We are all talking about the same things we’ve been talking about since Barry frickin’ Goldwater, or when Harry frickin’ Truman was sending boys to go die in Korea!” he shouts into the microphone. “This beast that is the federal government is unmanageable, it must be dismantled.” His dissatisfaction with conservatism-as-usual has made the King Dude the most radical man on radio.

Go read it!

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