Bloggingheads Show Notes

Some people who watched my recent diavlog with the Rev. Chuck Currie were asking for me to extend my remarks, or at least clarify them. So let’s try that.

Mass immigration mostly benefits the upper middle class.

Yes, my thinking on that is pretty influenced by George Borjas. Borjas’ essay may be 14 years musty at this point, . . . → Read More: Bloggingheads Show Notes

Fear of a Talking Head

I was kindly asked to speak about immigration and faith on   The format was a little unfamiliar at first, so get used to watching me look down. Longtime fans may recognize the artwork floating behind . . . → Read More: Fear of a Talking Head

Nuke Iran, But In a Limited Way

Brian Doherty points out that Robert Kaplan has (tentatively) advanced the idea that America should get comfortable with the possibility of engaging in a totally reasonable, eminently realistic, exactingly limited nuclear war with Iran.

Kaplan advances this argument by conjuring up the ghost of the still-living Henry Kissinger, and concludes:

The search for certainty, he goes on, reduces . . . → Read More: Nuke Iran, But In a Limited Way

The Borders Between Justice and Mercy

In American Catholic parishes, the tension between the pews and the pulpit on immigration has been intense. Catholic bishops have argued for Comprehensive Reform with a generous amnesty or path to citizenship. But overwhelming majorities of Catholics have negative views of immigrants themselves and the immigration process. In a piece for the decidedly progressive (but independent-minded) . . . → Read More: The Borders Between Justice and Mercy

This is Unreal, I’m Blogging Again

Wait: Who are you again?

I’m Michael Brendan Dougherty. But people call me “MBD” to cut down on syllabic exhaustion. You can read about me on the bio page. Basically I write about political ideas, culture – that sort of thing. Normally I do it for money. But since you don’t have to pay to read . . . → Read More: This is Unreal, I’m Blogging Again