Heads a Knocking

In my latest Bloggingheads.tv appearance, I discuss the changing attitudes of millennials and religious folks about abortion and . . . → Read More: Heads a Knocking

Fox House

In an otherwise informative and interesting article in New York magazine about the Fox network, Roger Ailes and their relationship to the GOP going into the 2012 election cycle is this assertion:

That the GOP Establishment’s bench seems so thin now is a by-product of how the party, and Fox, reacted to Obama’s presidency.

The thesis of the . . . → Read More: Fox House

Chief Wahoo and Us

Over at my baseball-side project, The Slurve, I argue with Indian’s blogger Stephanie Liscio that Chief Wahoo should stay.

Anyway, consider the Fighting Irish logo of Notre Dame. Here we have a man dressed as a leprechaun, posed in the absurd fighting stance Conan O’Brien assumes when playfully immitating early 20th century boxers. The Fighting Irishman is . . . → Read More: Chief Wahoo and Us

More from the Bin laden Man-Cave

Clearly this story could be a bit of psychological warfare being used to demoralize truly religious Islamic terrorists. Though we do know that the 9/11 hijackers frequented strip clubs.

I can’t put aside the head-spinning weirdness of finding the idiom “porn-stash” in a lede on a Bin . . . → Read More: More from the Bin laden Man-Cave

KJV is the Commoner’s English too

Nifty video showing how we still use the language of the King James . . . → Read More: KJV is the Commoner’s English too

Gottfried’s Theses

Paul Gottfried has some smart reactions to my TAC cover story on white Evangelical Protestants and their unmatched clout in the GOP. And I particularly like his line that many Evangelicals are functionally “divine-right monarchists” supporting whoever, in Providence, the GOP bossess have selected for them. But the good professor has some criticism for me. Gottfried . . . → Read More: Gottfried’s Theses

The GOP Platform is an Article of Faith

My cover-story in The American Conservative is now online. Basically my thesis is this:

The religious right is more convinced of American righteousness in the exercise of its military might than the neoconservatives are, and more invested than Wall Street in lower taxes.

Many on my particular ante-chamber on the right have posited that neoconservatives have brainwashed an . . . → Read More: The GOP Platform is an Article of Faith

Heads Talking on Your Computer Device

This morning I recorded another episode of Bloggingheads.tv with Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches.  We discuss Gingrich’s marriages, social conservatism stuff, Rand Paul’s ability to take Paulism mainstream, marriage vows, and the political homelessness of . . . → Read More: Heads Talking on Your Computer Device

The Slick To Serfdom

In the New York Times, Francis Fukuyama has a wonderful review of the reissued Constitution of Liberty by F.Z. Hayek in

In the end, there is a deep contradiction in Hayek’s thought. His great insight is that individual human beings muddle along, making progress by planning, experimenting, trying, failing and trying again. They never have as much . . . → Read More: The Slick To Serfdom

Bin Laden’s Funeral and Our Decency



More is revealed about Tim Pawlenty in this clip than in watching the entire deebate.

“What did you think of the funeral?” Hannity asks, late in the clip. He got full Islamic ceremony, according to the host. Is that appropriate?

Pawlenty went on to try to distinguish Bin Laden from a “regular army”, in what I thought would . . . → Read More: Bin Laden’s Funeral and Our Decency


Niall Ferguson warns that inflation is back in Newsweek. There are plenty on right and left that have been warning that we are still in a period of deflation. Just look at housing prices! Indeed, home sales are slowing as more people become renters permanently, and the housing stimulus measures run dry. Home prices are still . . . → Read More: Inflation

The New Malthusians

sp!ked review of books has an excellent essay by Daniel Ben-Ami taking on David Harvey’s critique of “neo-liberalism”, The Enigma of Capital. Here is just a small sample:

In effect, Harvey has turned Marx into a green and has transformed left into right. Whereas socialist movements used to campaign for popular prosperity – higher working-class living standards . . . → Read More: The New Malthusians