A War to Make You Hate All Wars

Chistopher Hitchens reviews Adam Hocschild’s new account of WWI, “To End All Wars.”:

Without President Wilson’s intervention, the incensed and traumatized French would never have been able to impose terms of humiliation on Germany; the very terms that Hitler was to reverse, by such relentless means, a matter of two decades later. In this light, the great American . . . → Read More: A War to Make You Hate All Wars

Bin Laden, Ineffectual

This FoxNews story about Osama Bin Laden is enough to make me re-evaluate almost everything I had thought about terrorism. Here is OBL, safely ensconced with his journal, watching the BBC, or watching videos of himself. He writes down ideas for plots, none of which seem to have been in any stage of operation. He kept . . . → Read More: Bin Laden, Ineffectual

The GOP Platform is an Article of Faith

My cover-story in The American Conservative is now online. Basically my thesis is this:

The religious right is more convinced of American righteousness in the exercise of its military might than the neoconservatives are, and more invested than Wall Street in lower taxes.

Many on my particular ante-chamber on the right have posited that neoconservatives have brainwashed an . . . → Read More: The GOP Platform is an Article of Faith

The End of the War As We Know It

James Poulos, in conjunction with PJTV, has asked me to be a regular panelist on his internet-talk show, Reform school. In this week’s episode, we discuss whether and how the war on terror . . . → Read More: The End of the War As We Know It

No Reason to Leave Now

I once had the privilege of hearing Max Boot explain to a conservative luncheon that America had to make a 50+ year commitment to staying in Iraq. A recent Yale graduate, who looked like a 14 year old, explained that nearly everyone in the room would be dead by then, and he would be in his . . . → Read More: No Reason to Leave Now

BHL in Hell

It’s one thing to persuade your president to embark on a ruinous and stupid war in Libya. It’s another to brag about.

From a New York Times profile of Tina Brown, a detail about Bernard-Henri Levy:

As her guests said goodbye, Brown and Evans looked eager to get their furniture back. Suddenly the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy . . . → Read More: BHL in Hell

He Smells Like Gasoline and Victory Too

The Washington Post doesn’t know who actually pulled the trigger on Bin Laden, but that doesn’t stop them from priming you with a fantasy about him anyway.

He’ll be ripped,” says the author of the best-selling autobiography “ Rogue Warrior .” “He’s got a lot of upper-body strength. Long arms. Thin waist. Flat tummy.”

Remember sugar kills you. . . . → Read More: He Smells Like Gasoline and Victory Too

Threat Levels Always Go Up

Matt Yglesias mourns the fact that catching the bad guy somehow means we’re less secure than the day before, and goes on to make an important point:

Whatever it is that explains why we don’t have constant truck bomb attacks on the streets of Washington it has nothing to do with building security at second-tier federal agencies.

Yes. . . . → Read More: Threat Levels Always Go Up

Osama Won

Radley Balko’s makes the provocative charge that Osama bin Laden’s goals have largely been achieved, and though we killed him, we are less free.

We have also fundamentally altered who we are. A partial, off-the-top-of-my-head list of how we’ve changed since September 11 . . .

We’ve sent terrorist suspects to “black sites” to be detained without trial . . . → Read More: Osama Won

Who Were Those Guys

Jeremy Scahill has a nice post about the group of warriors that dropped in on Osama bin Laden last night.

Col. W. Patrick Lang, a retired Special Forces officer with extensive operational experience throughout the Muslim world, described JSOC’s forces as “sort of like Murder, Incorporated.” He told The Nation: “Their business is killing Al Qaeda personnel. . . . → Read More: Who Were Those Guys

The Reaction

Before blogging about the geo-political ramifications of Bin Laden’s death, the bizarre circumstances of his life in Pakistan, and the daring of our Special Forces, the thing that struck me last night was the reaction to the news.

Like a lot of people when the news broke on Twitter that the president would address the nation . . . → Read More: The Reaction

No One More Wilsonian than Wilson

We all recall Bush’s insanely belligerent second inaugural, but really he could never improve on the original.  I recently came upon this Woodrow Wilson quote:

There is but one response possible for us: Force, Force to the utmost, Force without stint or limit, the righteous and triumphant Force which shall make Right the law of the world.

The . . . → Read More: No One More Wilsonian than Wilson