Huckabee Out

Ross Douthat sings the funeral lament for Huckabeeism in today’s Times:

He’ll be missed because he embodied a political persuasion that’s common in American life but rare in America’s political class. This worldview mixes cultural conservatism with economic populism: it’s tax-sensitive without being stridently antigovernment, skeptical of Wall Street as well as Washington, and as concerned about . . . → Read More: Huckabee Out

Gottfried’s Theses

Paul Gottfried has some smart reactions to my TAC cover story on white Evangelical Protestants and their unmatched clout in the GOP. And I particularly like his line that many Evangelicals are functionally “divine-right monarchists” supporting whoever, in Providence, the GOP bossess have selected for them. But the good professor has some criticism for me. Gottfried . . . → Read More: Gottfried’s Theses

The GOP Platform is an Article of Faith

My cover-story in The American Conservative is now online. Basically my thesis is this:

The religious right is more convinced of American righteousness in the exercise of its military might than the neoconservatives are, and more invested than Wall Street in lower taxes.

Many on my particular ante-chamber on the right have posited that neoconservatives have brainwashed an . . . → Read More: The GOP Platform is an Article of Faith


Niall Ferguson warns that inflation is back in Newsweek. There are plenty on right and left that have been warning that we are still in a period of deflation. Just look at housing prices! Indeed, home sales are slowing as more people become renters permanently, and the housing stimulus measures run dry. Home prices are still . . . → Read More: Inflation

The New Malthusians

sp!ked review of books has an excellent essay by Daniel Ben-Ami taking on David Harvey’s critique of “neo-liberalism”, The Enigma of Capital. Here is just a small sample:

In effect, Harvey has turned Marx into a green and has transformed left into right. Whereas socialist movements used to campaign for popular prosperity – higher working-class living standards . . . → Read More: The New Malthusians

Transfers to K-Street

Some years ago the local bagel shops and delis asked that customers use cash for any transaction under $10. The surcharges that credit card companies billed to them made smaller transactions a lot less profitable. Turns out these intercharge fees are a $48 billion-a year business for the card companies.

Merchants banded together to lobby against them, . . . → Read More: Transfers to K-Street

No One More Wilsonian than Wilson

We all recall Bush’s insanely belligerent second inaugural, but really he could never improve on the original.  I recently came upon this Woodrow Wilson quote:

There is but one response possible for us: Force, Force to the utmost, Force without stint or limit, the righteous and triumphant Force which shall make Right the law of the world.

The . . . → Read More: No One More Wilsonian than Wilson

Summers in Retreat

From the long Paul Krugman profile in New York Magazine, is just a beautiful quote from Lawrence Summers, who responded to Krugman’s “Americans are too blithe to know about crisis” theory this way:

“This is absurd… Excuse me, I think I’m the guy who pushed President Clinton and the IMF to commit $40 billion to Mexico—the largest . . . → Read More: Summers in Retreat

What is More Pathetic?

That CNBC is occasionally cutting to a “Live Shot” of an empty podium at the Federal Reserve? Or that I got slightly excited by the sight of it?

Here is this afternoon’s blessedly thought-free article from Bloomberg on today’s FOMC meeting.

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke has signaled he’ll maintain record stimulus until job growth accelerates and the recovery is . . . → Read More: What is More Pathetic?

An Argument for a Ruling Class

Christopher Beam’s essay in New York on Libertarianism is drawing some interest. And I’d like to associate myself with W. James Antle III’s remarks at The American Spectator. But there is more to be said.

I give Beam tremendous credit for interviewing people from the different strands of libertarianism. By doing so, he even slightly undermines his . . . → Read More: An Argument for a Ruling Class

Who Can Americanize Muslims?

Ross Douthat has a smart column this week on how Islam is treated by red and blue America. The tensions were exposed by the nationwide scandal over the building of an Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan, the supposed “Ground Zero Mosque.”

As Douthat explains it:

There’s an America where it doesn’t matter what language you speak, what . . . → Read More: Who Can Americanize Muslims?

Lindsey Graham’s Poses

Lindsey Graham is probably one of the most loathsome men in the Senate. (Of course he has been recently hailed as a “New Maverick”) Anyway, Graham is making news today with his suddenly harsh ideas about illegal immigrants. From the Politico:

“I may introduce a constitutional amendment that changes the rules if you have a child here,” . . . → Read More: Lindsey Graham’s Poses