Burn the Koran?

Sometimes it is good to give short answers to current questions:

Should a 50-member church in Florida burn the Koran? I don’t care.

Is it any of my business? Probably not.

Are foreign Muslims who are rioting over this over-reacting? I guess so. But it really isn’t for me to say.

Should individual citizens determine their behavior according to the demands of excitable foreigners or our own generals? Mostly no.

Should we make the random activities of any tiny sect in our country the subject of a passionate national debate? Please, no.

At some point two years or so ago, P.Z. Myers asked his blog readers to send him consecrated Hosts stolen from Catholic Churches so that he could desecrate them. He also desecrated passages from the Koran. I thought it was a horrible and offensive thing to do. And yet I managed not to kill any of P.Z. Myers countrymen in response to this provocation.

My sense is that what really offends people about Pastor Terry Jones is that he really means something by burning this Koran. If he were a grad student making a statement about the treatment of women under the Taliban he might get a government grant. But because he is making a statement of his contempt for the religious beliefs of others compared to his own religion, it is an offense to everyone who believes religion shouldn’t matter all that more than a choice of Yoga studios matters. And so we need to hear what Angelina Jolie thinks of the event. She “hardly has the words” to convey her opposition to burning the Koran according to the reports. I’m really glad we are getting celebrities on the record about this.

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