Problems with Moral Relativism

Will Wilkinson has begun exploring questions of morality at his blog. Apparently he has discovered it’s non-existence. Only thinking makes things right or wrong for him.

Wilkinson agrees with Jesse Prinz that there seems to be no reason to think morals are innate to us, considering the variation of them in time and culture (cannabalism and polygamy . . . → Read More: Problems with Moral Relativism

Radical Radio

My latest profile is online now. In this one I get to know Mike Church, a.k.a. The King Dude on Sirius radio.

Mike Church is the King Dude behind the microphone. A 20-year veteran of radio-gabbing, he describes himself as a recovering “neocon” and red-team true believer. His daily show on Sirius XM radio was once a . . . → Read More: Radical Radio

Against Our War In Libya

I wouldn’t forbid you from taking the same position as Hillary Clinton, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Samantha Power and Paul Wolfowitz. We have freedom here. And maybe Obama will really wrap this up in a few days, and there will be no truly nasty unintended consequences, and only basically better-than-Gaddafi guys will be in power in Libya ever . . . → Read More: Against Our War In Libya