An Argument for a Ruling Class

Christopher Beam’s essay in New York on Libertarianism is drawing some interest. And I’d like to associate myself with W. James Antle III’s remarks at The American Spectator. But there is more to be said.

I give Beam tremendous credit for interviewing people from the different strands of libertarianism. By doing so, he even slightly undermines his . . . → Read More: An Argument for a Ruling Class

Black Swan and The Fighter

I’m bringing back “Review Monday” to this blog. Here it goes:

There is a lot of buzz about the individual performances of Natalie Portman and  Mila Kunis in Black Swan. And this occasions a thought. We often praise actors for playing “against type” but there is something about our celebrity culture that makes Portman’s Nina more . . . → Read More: Black Swan and The Fighter

The Very Old Case Against Peace

Another commentator told me that the propaganda of one age innoculates you against the same in another. Let’s listen to the anvil-chorus that beats on constantly about the evils of isolationism, disarmament, and peace. Consider this argument from 1917′s wag-of-war George Herron, in The Menace of Peace. Don’t read the whole book, but skim it.

It is notable . . . → Read More: The Very Old Case Against Peace