Review Monday: Wells Tower is Burning

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned
by Wells Tower
Published March 17, 2009

I’ve been meaning to write more reviews in this space,so I’ll start with one that is about 17 months late because really, not enough praise can be heaped on Wells Tower’s debut collection Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned.

Towers is a recovering punk-rocker and p.r. copy-writer. He found some . . . → Read More: Review Monday: Wells Tower is Burning

Defending Chesterton

My friend Austin Bramwell has taken his frustrations with Chesterton into public. Chesterton doesn’t offer a deep coherent philosophy, Bramwell regretfully informs us. And Bramwell feels guilty for feeling this way about Chesterton. I am here to assuage his guilt but to modify his assessment.

Bramwell says,

In other words, Chesterton is an irrationalist. His seeks to paralyze . . . → Read More: Defending Chesterton

Burn the Koran?

Sometimes it is good to give short answers to current questions:

Should a 50-member church in Florida burn the Koran? I don’t care.

Is it any of my business? Probably not.

Are foreign Muslims who are rioting over this over-reacting? I guess so. But it really isn’t for me to say.

Should individual citizens determine their behavior according to the . . . → Read More: Burn the Koran?

No Blood for Vodafone

David Brooks mentions that Iraq is making progress, that the structure of that nation is sound, and that the laws are impressive. Though of course he contradicts himself when he mentions that it is one of the most corrupt governments on earth. How do we know progress is coming to Iraq.

According to the Brookings Institution’s . . . → Read More: No Blood for Vodafone